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Painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy process. There are many different processes used to accomplish a quality cabinet painting process. DIY costs will change greatly depending on if you have equipment or have to rent it, so we will only figure for your actual cost for disposable goods such as tape and paint that cannot be reused like a sprayer can. Professional cabinet painting costs are figured based on averages of our cabinet painting and some of our competitors pricing and also coupled with what other professional cabinet painters have shared with us based on their cabinet refinishing system and pricing. We quote painting kitchen cabinets based on our actual expenses. We first figure how many hours the project will take based on hundreds of very successful p.ast cabinet painting projects. Then we add in costs for enough primer and paint for the project. Then, we finish the project at the exact cost that we quoted unless extra services are later requested by the customer. Check out our cabinet painting page for more information on our specific processes at https://www.cabinetpainting.com/indianapolis/. Many of our competitors do this as certain cabinets can actually be MUCH harder depending on a few not so obvious factors. Should you hire professional painters to paint your kitchen cabinets be ABSOLUTELY SURE that they have ALL projected costs figured in such as extra coats and hardware installation.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after sweetness of low prices are forgotten.
Quality materials is of the utmost importance in our opinion. Trim paint is not acceptable for kitchen cabinets as they will get much harder use than a baseboard in just about any home. All of the prices here include an enamel that can be used for trim but is usually not used as the prices for these paint are above $40-$50. Also tape and paper can be purchased at discount rates or you can buy the $5-$6 a roll tape that will do the job well. Using quality materials will increase the material costs by generally more than $100 total but isn’t $100-$150 worth a better finish on your kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet Painting Option #1

This option is a brush and roll job with all work being performed at your home using about 400 sq ft of space. Lower quality paints are used with no need for masking tape or paper. This option will take most cabinet painters 2-3 days. Sometimes the cabinet painters will take the doors down to get clean lines around them and sometimes they will not. This should cost between $800-$1200 for a smaller kitchen and $1000-$1600 for a very large kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Painting Option #2

This option for cabinet painting includes spraying of doors in 400 sq ft of your home. Then the cabinet boxes are brushed and rolled. This option may or may not include a decent quality cabinet paint. This option will take a painter 3-4 days. Doors and hardware will be removed during painting providing a more quality looking finish. However a brush and roll finish coupled with a spray finish on the doors provides a better finish than option #1.

Cabinet Painting Option #3

Cabinet painting option #3 is a full spray job. Boxes are sprayed, openings and everything but the kitchen cabinets are masked. Doors are painted in a highly light, dust free paint booth. Doors are transported wrapped in padding and all hardware is replaced carefully. Near perfect cabinet paint coat with only being able to notice inconsistencies with a very sharp eye at a very close distance. Cost related to this service will vary more than other services as it is the most difficult to accomplish. Prices may be from $2000 on the low end to 6-$8000 for very large intricate kitchens with white glove service.

Extra Related Possible Charges

  • Installation of crown or other decorative trim with possible tear out of existing trim $250-$800 with reasonably priced stock trim. Specialty milled trim is… expensive
  • Island or desk area being separate color
  • Adding on bathroom vanity painting
  • Deep grained oak needing extra sanding and coats of paint
  • Travel time from shop
  • Damage from impacts or water damage repair work
  • Alterations to the setup of the cabinets
Grants Painting specializes in spray finishes of kitchen cabinets. We provide value to Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Brownsburg, McCordsville, Noblesville and Zionsville.


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