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We have painted many cabinets some version of white. White is the most common color but there are many other colors that work too without going all the way to bright yellow or candy apple red. Grants Painting specializes in spray finishes of kitchen cabinets. We provide value to Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Brownsburg, McCordsville, Noblesville and Zionsville.

White Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets white seems like a no-brainer right? Yes, it kinda is. However you have to get the best white to paint your cabinets or it will be a miss.
  • Matching your trim will always win. This may or may not be the best option but if you want a sure fire no fail color then go with a match of your trim.
  • If your white is too close to your trim without a good match then you may make your trim or cabinets look dingy.

Off White Cabinet Painting

Choosing the right off white can be a little chancy but can also bring the perfect color where bright white just won't work for your design.
  • Choose your off white based on surfaces that won't change for a while like your countertops.
  • Look at your color at all times of the day to be sure you wont get an undesired result.
  • Choose whites from the lightest version of beige, tans, browns, greys, greens, and yellows.
  • Ignore the white border and do not look at your white next to any other white unless the white will be in the room post cabinet painting.

Dual Color Painted Cabinets

Painting the island a separate color can solve the issue of having too much white or just adding more a more dynamic look to your cabinets.
  • Use an accent color based on what's going to bring life to your kitchen and don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.
  • Just tops, just bottoms or just the island is often the best choice for a duel color situation.
  • If you are choosing a very dark color consider going with a higher gloss for just for durability.
  • Choose enough of a difference to create contrast more than what a shadow can.

Painting Cabinets Grey

  • Be sure to look at your grey in all times of the day.
  • Choosing a greyish from greens or browns is a sure bet for a more refined cabinet refinishing project.
  • The lightest of greys are going to look like s super bright white in some lights.

Going With Wild Color Cabinets

Considering a bright and wild color for your cabinets? DO IT. Candy Apple Red or Canary Yellow! Then post a pic for us in the comment section.
  • Choosing a higher gloss is best with dark and extremely rich or bright colors. The extra amount of colorants used to achieve these colors will cause the paint to scuff easier.
  • When choosing your color be sure to go all the way. Don’t hesitate and choose the color that you actually want. Stock cabinets in display rooms will give you great ideas but bring your color chips so you can relate to what you are actually looking at!


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