Cabinet refacing has been a growing business in the age of rising wood costs. Hardwoods and softwood alike have become more expensive at an alarming rate and buying any price range of new kitchen cabinets has now become less feasible. Our company, Grants Painting, is the areas best cabinet refinisher and our customers reviews show exactly that!

Quality of Craftsmanship and Materials
Quality of craftsmanship has dropped significantly in the past years. Quality TRUE carpenters are no longer in the trade. Pretty much everything can be pressed out of MDF these days so the market can not support them anymore. The price of quality wood products from quality forests has risen so the quality has dropped. This means that other options quickly become the better option such as refinishing or refacing cabinets.

The Sorrows of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Kitchen cabinet refacing began with thermofoil and cabinet refacers still use this process along with a few vinyl coated coverings(strong wallpaper). Many cabinet refacers tout that they strip the cabinet finish totally off and put a new one on. This is true, however they are NOT taking extra steps to ensure a great finished cabinet job. Cabinet refacing glue just wont stick to anything except raw rough wood. Although refacing bonds to the wood just fine, in the end the glue bond will break under heat and moisture leaving you with cabinets that are peeling apart. Bottom line is that cabinet refacing will not last longer than a refinished surface, it is 3-4 times the cost.

Benefits Of Refinishing Cabinets NOT Refacing
  • The coating industry has made leaps and bounds in advancements in high grade coatings allowing us to use a MUCH BETTER coating system than the much used “Oil based primer with Trim Paint” system of painting cabinets that most cabinet painters will want to use.
  • Refinishing your cabinets will last just as long as a refacing job and if one is damaged the repair is many times easier.
  • Cabinet refinishing is a shorter turn around time. Most kitchen cabinets are refinished and complete within 3-4 days!
  • Cabinet refinishing is GREENER. There is no waste of hardwoods going to the dump and no new trees getting cut down.
  • Refinishing your kitchen cabinets supports a local business! Most hardwoods of today actually are coming from other countries. Grants Painting is a local business supporting only the communities that we work in: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Westifield, and Zionsville.


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