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Setting up and proficiently using an airless paint sprayer makes painting easy. Here we explain how we choose to operate and set up our airless paint sprayers. Grants Painting is an Indianapolis painter.

The Main Parts Of Your Airless Paint Sprayer Pump

Inlet hose and prime hose

There are three hoses coming out of the sprayer. One obviously goes to the gun. The other two are your inlet and prime hose. The large one is the suction hose that sucks the paint out of the can. The smaller hose coming out of the the valve area is the prime hose.

Pump Filter

This is usually a large cylinder that should screw out by hand and is located close to the valve. Inside there will be a peg that the filter slides over and then goes back into the paint sprayer.

Sleeve and Fluid Section

This is the pump section, not the motor section. Right where the paint suction hose goes straight into is the bottom of the fluid section that has the sleeve screwed into.

Priming the Airless Paint Pump

  • First and foremost. Never run the pump with putting in throat seal liquid. EVER! This is also when you make sure that your pump filter and gun filter(if available). Us the finer filter option if you do not have a gun filter.
  • Then, run water through the system to clean out any debris or mineral spirits previously in the system and lines. First run the water out of the prime hose then out of the gun. NEVER LET THE PRESSURE BUILD WITH WATER. This will cause the gun to spit and need repair. If the pressure does build, it must be released slowly with a tip on the gun.
  • At this point most service manuals will tell you to run paint through the prime hose. This is a horrible idea because then it stays in that hose until you are done drying up. Instead follow the water with paint from the suction hose to the spray gun. After you have sprayed out the water/paint mix then you are ready to go.
  • Don’t let the paint run out because then you have to reprime(not with water through).

Cleaning The Pump Out

  • Pump out the good paint by immediately following the paint with water through the gun. Turn off power when it gets to water/paint mix.
  • Without letting the pressure build spray the mix into a waste container.
  • Flush with water out of both the prime hose and then the gun line.
  • Clean out filters and replace if needed.
  • Remove the suction hose and flush with hose water, then reconnect and flush with water again. Each time not letting the pressure build with water.

Storage Of Your Paint Sprayer

If you will not be using your sprayer for a few day then mineral spirits run through the lines is the best option to prevent corrosion of the metals. This can be done with a small amount of mineral spirits if done carefully. When storing your sprayer even for a few days, it needs to be clean so paint does not dry inside.


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