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Painters wear white clothing for many of reasons. Where this tail of “painter whites” came from? NOBODY really knows. There are 3 million guesses along with a few actually reasonable explanations. Make your own decision and put your vote in the comments!

Why Painters Wear White Uniforms

The stories of why painters wear white are wildly exaggerated. Many of the stories are pretty far fetched and some are just based on pure myth and poor logic.
  • Whitewash – Many will claim that painters wear white because white wash is white. This makes little sense because whitewash was generally used by the poor and therefore were doing it themselves and not hiring professional painting companies.
  • White Paint- Some will say that painters wear whites because white paint has usually been used more than other colors. This is far from true because whites where only started to being used in the 1900’s. Colors and even trim before 1900 were dark colors.
  • The Union – The painters union put out some great propaganda some years ago. They say that only union painters would wear white and non union painters would wear other colors or some painters would even wear white to mimic them. However painters wore white before the painters union was ever thought of.
  • Old Ship Sails – Rumor is that painters used to make their whites out of old ship sales. This is to me at least the only real answer. That is if it holds any truth at all!!!
  • Plaster Guys – Plaster guys always wore white and sometimes painted afterwards so painters wearing whites might just be a carryover.
  • Warning To Others – Some will say that painters wear white as a warning to others that there could be wet paint around so people will not touch anything.

Why We Wear Whites

At Grants Painting we wear whites because all the other painters wear whites and we don’t want to change the status quo! Right? Grants Painting serves Indianapolis, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfield, and Carmel.

Reasons That Obviously Contribute To Painters Continuing To Wear White

  • Professionalism – Trades have their uniforms and a proper and clean uniform makes painters look like true professionals.
  • Hot Summers – Working outside in the heat is quite enough with any dark color. So wear white to be cooler!! Makes a ton of real sense huh??
  • Cleanliness – Just like doctors and nurses if you can maintain a white outfit you must be clean and very good at your job. Right??? Right!
  • All Painters Wear White – Yes all painters wear white. They sell white in the paint store and who is going to change that! Keep the status quo or be labeled a renegade.


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